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Thank you for your interest in opportunities here @ The Bridge Church!  We hope to see you soon!

Pre-Registration Required Each Week in Phase 1
In Phase 1 our desire is to provide a safe and meaningful “Touchless” experience for you!

Learn more about Phase 1 @ The Bridge Church...

  • Service Times… In Phase 1 we are currently offering 2 Identical Sunday Services featuring the Contemporary Style of Worship. 9:00 am  and  10:30 am.
  • Pre-Register… Due to social distancing regulations, all attendees will need to Pre-Register Each Week for the Sunday Service they wish to attend so that we do not have to turn anyone away at the door if we have reached maximum capacity.
  • Registration… will open each week on Monday and close on Thursday at midnight. We must close registration on Thursday. Once a service has reached capacity on the registration form, that service will close and you will have to choose another time or try again next week.
  • Streaming… We will continue to stream our service at 10:30 am each week on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Children’s Sunday Opportunities… During Phase 1 we will NOT be able to offer Nursery, Preschool, or Children’s Ministry opportunities on campus. However, if you do choose to bring your children with you, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Carol will have activity packets available at check-in for you to pick-up and take into the service with you. Please also visit the additional tabs here on the Upcoming Events page to find specially produced lesson videos for the little ones and Bridge Kids!
  • Youth Service… will NOT be offered on Sunday. However, Pastor Barnabas is working on some additional opportunities for the youth to have their own service on a different night.
  • Check-In… Please plan to arrive on campus approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of service. Please make sure to Check-in at one of the Booths on patio before you enter the building.
  • Social Distancing… When choosing seats in the Auditorium, please make sure to practice social distancing. There should be 4 chairs between your party and the next party in your row. Ushers will be available if you need assistance.
  • Restrooms… Please use the restroom before you come. Restrooms will be available for emergencies. However, it is our goal to limit restroom use.
  • When the service is over… as much as we would love to visit with you, we are going to have to request you exit so that we have time to sanitize and prepare to check-in the next service.

While these processes may feel very unnatural from how we normally experience services here at The Bridge, it is important that we comply for the comfort and safety of everyone involved! Remember, this is only Phase 1 and we do not expect it to last forever!

Begins Again on Tuesday, October 13 @ 7:00 pm via Zoom
Register to Receive the Zoom Link
$15 Fee for the Workbook

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. GreifShare will help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life!

There are three key parts to your GriefShare experience:

Video seminar – encouraging, information-packed videos featuring leading grief recovery experts.
Support group – small group discussion about weekly video content.
Workbook – journaling and personal study exercises that reinforce the weekly session topics.

GriefShare is an open group – you are welcome to start at any point. The session is led by facilitators that have experienced loss and grief and understand how you feel. There is a small cost involved that covers your workbook and other small expenditures.


If you haven’t connected with a LIFEgroup yet, now is the perfect time. We all need connection, especially these days. And now it’s easier than ever because you don’t even have to leave your home. Due to COVID and social distancing our facilitators will be hosting LIFEgroups via ZOOM until we are able to physically meet again.

As you will see we have many opportunities listed below for you to chose from. We have opportunities for men and women together… just men… just women… moms… engaged and married couples… and Spanish speakers.

We hope you will take this opportunity to connect and grow with your Bridge family. We believe that life together is always better because we weren’t meant to live life alone!

AWANA CLUBS… for Kids Ages 3 Yrs Old – 8th Grade
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm via Zoom
Zoom link will be provided after registration.
(Note: 3-4 year old Cubbies will not participate in regular Zoom Meetings)

Awana is an International Program for kids ages 3 – 8th grade that helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

Although the start of this year will look a little different, we are going to make the best of this situation we find ourselves in and find new ways to connect, have fun and disciple! We hope your kids will join us!


Congratulations Bridge Parents,

You’ve made it through the summer and stepped right into a fresh new school year! I know things are looking a bit different than usual but just as with everything else, with the Lord’s help we WILL make it through challenges. I am excited to introduce this month’s new lesson. It is wrapped around teaching your little one that God keeps His promises. We want our children to grow up knowing that God always keeps His promises. All month long they will see that to be true in the lives of Moses, Abraham & Sarah, and Noah. Parents, you have another amazing opportunity to guide your little ones in learning that no matter how long we have to wait, God will come through.

If you would like receive this month’s craft packet to go along with our lesson videos, you may sign up to receive them by mail by filling out the form on the link provided.

I would also like to remind you of our fun, exciting, private little ones at The Bridge Church Facebook page. We’d love to make you part of the group so that you can join in on the fun of daily videos, encouraging posts, craft ideas, and much, much more.

We hope to be able to host your little ones again soon, but until then stay connected for important information about our program.

Jennifer and your “little ones” team

Check out this month’s verse hand motion video:

Check out this month’s worship video so your little ones can start their day by getting the wiggles out.

Hand Motion Card

Parent Cue Card

Overview Video for Parents…  This month’s theme is “God Keeps His Promises” 

Week 1…  Moses
God speaks to Moses from a burning bush to tell him what to do and promises to be with him. Exodus 3 & Psalm 118:7

Week 2…  Moses
God parts the Sea so Moses can safely lead the Israelites across dry ground.  Exodus 13:17-18, 14

Week 3… God keeps His promises and gives Abraham & Sarah a son after they have waited a long time. Genesis 12:2-3, 18: 1-5, 21: 1-6

Week 4… Noah trusts that God’s plan is best and obeys everything God tells him to do. Genesis 6:8-33, 7:1-20

Bonus Lesson… God keeps Noah and his family safe and then gives the rainbow as a sign of a new promise. Genesis 8:1 – 9:17

For Kids Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Hi Parents,

This week we are starting a new series called “24” – A Day that Saved the World”. I think your kids are really going to enjoy this series as they will see some new and some familiar faces. They will also get some great messages from the life of Christ in His final day on earth before He died for the sins of the world.

Awana is going very well, and the leaders are doing an awesome job with the kids on Zoom. We would much rather be together in person, but we are so thankful for the technology available that gives us the ability to continue serving the Lord and His kids during this season.

Parenting is always challenging, but this season in which we are living makes it even more so. Here is a great resource for you that is free of charge and packed full of great parenting advice.

The National Center for Biblical Parenting is still here to meet the needs of parents, grandparents, church leaders, and ultimatley children in these trying times. For so many families finances are tighter than ever, typical fall routines are being replaced by so many new challenges and uncertainties, some families are grieving significant loses, some children are missing important growth opportunities found in sports, clubs, and church activities, nearly all are missing friends and important family gatherings… Life is just very different and many kids are responding with anger, anxiety, disrespect, and confusion.

This event if free for parents and church leaders. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR TO SIGN UP
Please consider registering yourself, and telling others about this amazing opportunity. 

Blessings to you all!

For His Kids,

Carol Swinson
Bridge Kids Ministry Director

Game Plan - Week 1

Week 1

Follow us on Social Media…


Zoom Log In: 989 230 6213


AWANA CLUBS… for Middle School
Begins Wednesday, September 9 @ 7:00 pm via Zoom
Zoom link will be provided after registration.

Awana is an International Program for kids ages 3 – 8th grade that helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

Although the start of this year will look a little different, we are going to make the best of this situation we find ourselves in and find new ways to connect, have fun and disciple! We hope your kids will join us!


Please watch this page for updates on Student Opportunities. 

Zoom Log In: 989 230 6213

We know it’s not the same on Zoom, but it’s really important to have these check-in opportunities and stay connected. One of Satan’s go to tools is isolation, don’t be a victim. Fight back on Friday nights with us. Each Friday will look different… sometime we will have a devotional, sometimes we will have worship, sometimes we will just hang out, sometimes we will meet in person… but you have to be here to know what’s going on.

Thank you for your prayers, support and understanding during this trial in the lives of Pastor B & Tiffany after the passing of their baby girl, Trinity! 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, so let’s continue to pray for each other, encourage each other, and have patience and understanding. Things will change eventually… we hope to see you Friday!

MEN’S ONLINE STUDY via ZOOM app & website for Meetings
Begins Thursday, September 10, 2020 @ 6:50 pm
Must pre-register at the link below to view on your mobile device or computer



FACING THE UNKNOWN by Mark Batterson

What unknowns are you facing in life?

Many people feel like their life leads them from one path to the next with no certainty.  Is this the right job?  Is he or she “the one?”  Is now the time to have kids? What do I do now? Am I even on the right path?

In these four video Bible study sessions, viewers will experience cinematic short films that show Abraham living in the 21st century. What might he think and feel with the incredible steps of faith God asked him to take? After each short film, Mark Batterson will teach on the Biblical principles from Abraham’s story that apply to us today.

See you soon.. INVITE A FRIEND!!!

Our NEXT STEPS Department is always open on our website and our NEXT STEPS Director, Regine Carisma, is still hosting video and phone conferences while we are practicing “Social Distancing”.

Now may be the perfect time to invest in yourself by discovering the unique way that God created you through our online Gifts Assessment! It’s actually a lot of fun and will provide you tools to live life more intentionally!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Regine at

This page is designed to keep you informed and provide resources that may be helpful to you during this time. Check back periodically as we will refresh this page as we receive updates and come across opportunities and links that may be valuable to you!

We miss you lots Bridge Family!


City, County, State…

Get Help with Your Rent During the Pandemic – If the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your ability to pay housing rent, you may qualify for rental assistance. To see if you may be eligible for this first come, first served State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) funding program, visit the Family Success SHIP funds website

FLORIDA CHILD CARE SURVEY –  This survey asks you to share your current child care set up and thoughts about what’s next as Florida reopens the economy. This will help child care providers and state leaders start planning for the future to best serve you.

Miramar residents emergency funds – Emergency rent and utilities assistance opens May 22 –   Check your city’s website for any assistance related to COVID 19

Broward Public SchoolsBCPS 2019/20 School Year Calendar Weekly Updates

English, Haitian-Creole, Spanish and Portuguese

Please visit for Broward school updates.


Stay Healthy Resources…

  • Florida KidCare health insurance: Apply for coverage or make adjustments to your monthly premium. English Spanish



  • YMCA Virtual Fitness Challenge – The YMCA offers a four-week fitness challenge for the entire community designed to get you moving for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, while practicing social distancing. Program runs through May 10. Visit


Activities and Fun Resources…

  • While sheltering at home, our kids get a lot of our partial attention. (Work, meals, cleaning, dressing in real clothes—a lot of things seem to be getting partial attention at the moment.) Let your child choose an activity for you to do together for 10 or 15 minutes, with no interruptions. Even a short burst of focused time together can go a long way for kids and parents alike. Make your own jumping frog using origami.


  • Use Google Earth to find your house, your school, or any place in the world you’ve wanted to see. How about Times Square? The Great Pyramid of Giza? 


  • The National Park Service is offering a virtual tour of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. This natural wonder includes more than 119 caverns formed when sulfuric acid dissolved limestone leaving behind caverns of all sizes. This is a virtual tour you won’t want to miss.


  • Try this neat coding activity from Hour of Code, in which you’ll create your own Google logo—then marvel as your child becomes rapidly more digitally literate than you are (in case that wasn’t already the case).


  • Crank up the music, it’s family dance party time. Everyone gets a chance to choose a song or two.



  • A free online download book for children that talks about why we need to stay home during the era of the Coronavirus.   Https://



  • Check out “But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids”, which offers interesting answers to question submitted by children. First up: Why do Lions Roar?


  • Netflix has made a selection of their educational documentaries available for free on YouTube. Start with Our Planet, a beautiful nature series narrated by David Attenborough.


  • Broward County Library… Mini Storytimes (releasing on Mondays) and Mini STEAM storytimes (releasing on Thursdays) through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Click Here


  • Broward County Parks… Special Populations: Summer Programs are now available to you! Click Here


  • Family Activity… View this online table etiquette class and then do a dress up family dinner and practice. Hold a conversation: “If you made a box for all your hopes and dreams, what would it look like?”  Click Here for Video


  • Family Activity… Teach your kids an “old school” game that today’s generation doesn’t play. You know the ones: marbles, double dutch, MASH, paper football, hopscotch, jacks. Bring on the board games and puzzles. This is a great time to introduce your kids to good old-fashioned board games as well.


  • Fun Activity idea – Virtual Field trips. How about taking your family on an African safari, or the ancient pyramids, or many other fascinating places in the world?


Coronavirus Websites…

World Health Organization –

Center for Disease Control –

White House –

Florida Department of Health –

For continual community updates, check the following links:


Stress & Coping…

Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include

  • Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Worsening of chronic health problems
  • Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
  • People with preexisting mental health conditions should continue with their treatment and be aware of new or worsening symptoms. Additional information can be found at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSAexternal icon) website.


Coping Resources

Contact the Disaster Distress Helpline- Call 1-800-985-5990

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline -Call 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224

Cigna now offers a 24-Hour hotline for the general public to speak with a qualified behavioral health clinicians who can provide one-on-one support: 1.866.912.1687    During this time of crisis you just never know who may really be hurting behind their closed doors. So if you are feeling down or anxious or anything regarding COVID-19, try it out.  You do NOT have to be a Cigna employee or member.  This is open to anyone.


Talking to Children and Teens…

Mental Health: It’s normal to be anxious during these times—and there’s no way to hide it from our kids entirely. But here are some strategies to avoid passing those worries onto the kids

Mental Health: How to Help Teens Shelter in Place –

4 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus by Josh Straub

How Do We Talk About Tragedy With Our Kids? by Jamie Ivey

2 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Child by Josh Straub


Food and Nutrition Services for Students & Families…

  • Food distribution sites/schedule updates – On Monday, April 27, Broward County Public Schools will begin a new schedule at all 51 District food distribution sites, which will reduce the number of weekly trips for families and provide greater efficiency to staff.  Our grab-and-go meal service will open from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. twice a week – Mondays and Wednesdays – providing families with multiple meals at a time.  On Mondays, families will be able to pick up meals for the beginning of the week. On Wednesdays, they will receive meals for the remainder of the week.


  • Access Florida: Florida Launches Online Grocery Purchase Pilot Program: Florida’s SNAP recipients will now be able to use EBT cards to make eligible food purchases.  Both Walmart and Amazon online purchasing is available statewide.


Employment/Business Related…

  • Business – – up to 10K in stimulus grant for Miramar for profit small businesses for rent other expenses.  Opens May 13, 2020
  • Small Business Grant Opportunity… LISC will focus 10,000 grants to historically underserved communities – especially those enterprises owned or led by women, minorities a & veterans, which often lack access to affordable capital.
  • For Small Businesses/Non-profits: The SBA has a Find Eligible Lenders Tool where you can put in your zip code and find local lenders.
  • — If you have had to lay off or reduce hours of staff due to Coronavirus, employees can file their Reemployment Assistance Claim through CONNECT, Florida’s online Reemployment Assistance System.
  • — If you have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, you may qualify for a no-interest state and/or a low-interest federal business disaster loan.
  • — The Small Business Administration (SBA) is providing loans to businesses that have suffered losses as a result of the coronavirus.
  • — Florida emergency bridge loan is currently available to small businesses providing up to 50,000 dollars interest-free for one year.
  • There are also changes with the IRS. Please visit The IRS has established a special section of their website focused on steps to help taxpayers, businesses, and others affected by the Coronavirus.

This page is designed to provide ideas and opportunities to get involved and help others during this pandemic. Check back periodically as we will refresh this page as we become aware of opportunities and links that may be valuable to you!

We miss you lots Bridge Family… be strong… be safe… and remember, You Are The Bridge!



The National Day of Prayer Task Force has set up a Prayer Room Phone Number and scheduled one Thursday a month to collectively go before Almighty God with praise, repentance and fervent petitions as this virus has brought deep national and global impact. Your voices and heart joining in these moments of prayer are welcomed and appreciated.

They also have Daily Prayer opportunities available.

Click Here to Learn More


 Broward Count Medical…

Sewing Masks…  The Broward County Medical Association (BCMA) Medical Response Unit needs your help sewing masks. BCMA is not endorsing a specific mask pattern and are following the guidelines provided by the CDC for this unique crisis.


    • Where can I buy supplies?
      • JOANN Fabric & Craft is offering curbside pickup
      • Some Walmart stores sell craft supplies
      • Amazon/other online retailers


    • Where do I drop off? 
      • When the masks are ready, please email to schedule drop-off/pick-up. We have volunteers who can pick them up from your porch or mailbox.


    • Who are these benefiting? 
      • The BCMA represents medical professionals throughout Broward County. These masks will benefit doctors, nurses, hospital staff and first responders throughout the entire county.


The Broward County Medical Association, in partnership with the Broward County Mayor, the City of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County Department of Health, will be recruiting, credentialing and managing health care volunteers for the Medical Response Unit. The purpose is to organize and rapidly provide verified volunteers (doctors, nurses, health care professionals and support staff) to assist the local Department of Health and other municipal partners in providing for the urgent medical needs of our community. If you are able to volunteer please contact Cynthia Peterson, CEO of BCMA, at 954.714.9477 or email For questions or comments you can contact either Cynthia or Warren Sturman, MD can be reached at



Other Community Partners…

  • NEW… JFS Broward County – Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard needs volunteers in their warehouse to assemble & distribute groceries and help with administrative support, as well as volunteer delivery drivers to deliver meals to their clients. CLICK HERE for details.


  • NEW…  HandsOn at Home…  To Foster opportunities for individuals and families to create meaningful impact while volunteering from the comfort of their own homes, HandsOn Broward has developed HandsOn at Home. This unique toolbox of ideas includes ways that you can be the change by reading to kids, serving in DIY volunteering activities or even creating your own volunteer project to make a difference! Through HandsOn at Home, youth and student volunteers can earn  CLICK HERE  to view our HandsOn at Home opportunities.



  • Feeding South Florida…  needs volunteers to sort donated food to ensure it’s safe for distribution. Click here for details.


  • Join our United Way Story Time… Put on a LIVE UNITED t-shirt (if you have one) and create a short video of yourself reading a children’s book of your choice. You can either go LIVE on Facebook and/or Instagram or post your video directly to your status or feed. If you would like to submit your video please email it to so we can share it.


  • Thank Front Line Workers… From the comfort of your own home, you can share a thank you message to the personnel who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Community service letters are available upon request. Four letters or video submissions equate to one hour of service. Any additional submissions are welcomed and we will credit volunteers for such. We ask that the letters have a minimum of 150 word count each and that each submission is unique. Ms. Nhung K Tran (305) 646-7118 to register*0


Thank you so much for your contribution to The Bridge Church International Missions Efforts. Without you, these trips would not be possible. Please know that by giving, you become part of our Team.

Ecuador…  South Africa…  Haiti…   Trinidad…

Some Pray… Some Give… Some Go… We are all an intricate part of The Bridge!

Please continue to pray for our teams as we continue go where the Lord leads!

“Whatever It Takes!”


Raising Support… $

Each team member is responsible to raise their own support for the cost of the trip which includes: airfare; transportation; lodging and food. We also hold some fund raisers to raise money for the team project.
You can be a part of our team by:

  1. Praying for us as we travel and minister to God’s people across the Globe.
  2. Giving a monetary gift of any amount will help us reach our Goal. By Clicking on the Button below, you can give to an individual team member or to the general fund of the trip you wish to support.

These trips are life changing events for individuals… the team… and the people we serve.

Whatever gift you are able to give will be greatly appreciated!

Hurricane Season Pre-Storm Helps

To assist with hurricane preparations:


Hurricane Season Post-Storm Helps

To assist with post hurricane issues:

As Floridians continue the process of digging out from the storm, I want to share with you some tips and resources for Hurricane Irma Recovery.


Resident Assistance: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has added Broward County to the list of counties eligible for individual assistance. That means homeowners with damage that is documented can apply for funding from FEMA. 

  • Register at for information and services from the government on the aid that may be available to you, including transitional sheltering assistance.
  • Residents without internet access can use the computers at Broward County libraries to register for FEMA Individual Assistance. 
  • You can also contact FEMA’s Helpline (800) 621-3362 (voice, 711/VRS-Video Relay Service) (TTY: (800) 462-7585).
  • Your local Red Cross chapter can also help you with food, shelter, and personal goods.
  • You can also find assistance through United Way.



  • Check with your insurance agent before hiring anyone to work on your property.
  • Make sure you have the right kind of coverage to file a claim related to storm damage.
  • Be sure to take pictures of the damage to your property before cleaning it up.
  • To check on your policy through the National Flood Insurance Program, contact your insurance agent. You can also call 1-800-621-FEMA and select “option 2” learn more and be directed to the right place to file your claim.



  • Keep any eye for people who may try to be using this unstable time as a way to swindle unsuspecting victims.
  • Con artists asking for up-front payments, offering suspiciously large discounts, or claiming to be government agents are all commonplace after a storm like Irma.
  • Be wary of phone calls from entities claiming to be charities. Real charities do not usually ask for donations over the phone or have names that sound like governmental departments.
  • Do not give your money or personal information out over the phone.
  • If someone is pressuring you with a “limited time offer” chances are it is a scam. Always check out offers with a trusted advisor such as an attorney before agreeing to terms with anyone.


Other Important Tips:

  • Touch base with your mortgage lender. Just because your home was damaged does not mean you can skip a payment. However, your mortgage lender might work with you to pause payments given the situation. If you do not know who holds your mortgage, check the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems or call 888-679-6377.


  • You also still must pay your credit card bills. If you do not think you will be able to do so, contact your credit card company before the next payment comes due.


  • If your home is currently uninhabitable, contact your power company and ask that your service be suspended. This will save you money while you sort out your situation.


  • Veterans who need help with shelter or their medications can call 1-800-507-4571 to speak with someone at the VA. Veterans can also check the VA website specifically dedicated to Hurricane Irma for more information.