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Missions Trips

Without fail, every person, who steps away from their regular routine of life to embark on an experience of Mission, details how God has touched their life in a way that has changed them forever. With that in mind, The Bridge Church has, and will continue to have, opportunities to personally go to places where God has used them to touch someone else’s life. These are called short-term Mission Trips. Here is a list of opportunities:

Ecuador Missions Trip

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Located in Quito, Ecuador , “Our vision is to make a significant contribution towards providing for the spiritual, physical and educational needs of the many thousands of poor, abused, neglected and homeless children.

Extreme Response also provides family   counseling, hygiene classes, education       assistance, a weekly kids club and moms club, weekly feeding for night workers and much more.

Quito Dump Program

Extreme Response actually grew out of a small kids’ club in the garbage dump of Quito, Ecuador (also known as the Zambiza Dump).

In June of 1997 the Extreme Response founders began working with the 300+ people that lived and worked right there in the trash. These people gleaned their living by digging through the garbage that flows out of the back of garbage trucks, living in small shacks made from pallets and other   building materials they found in the trash. They survived on what they found to use, eat and sell.

In December of 1997 we began a tradition of hosting a Christmas Party in the Quito Dump with more than 300 people in attendance. On 2011 Extreme Response celebrated our 15th annual party with more than 1900 people.

The dump has changed drastically over the past 15 years, but the people have not. The Zambiza location was permanently closed as a dumping site in 2005 because the landfill was full. The site then became a transfer station. Garbage is now trucked in, dumped in a roofed area, sorted through and then reloaded back into trucks to be taken to a location outside of the city.

In March of 2006, Extreme Response opened the Zambiza Daycare Center & Preschool – over 50 children ages newborn through 5 years now   attend. In December of 2006 a medical clinic opened in conjunction with Hospital VozAndes Quito.

There is so much more we want to do, and with your support, we can continue to help improve the quality of life for these precious people!

Cambiarte Ecuador

Want to be part of the solution? You can sponsor a child to go to school, get school supplies and medical attention through the Cambiarte program. Cambiarte was formed in 2017 in response to a growing concern for the future of several communities in Ecuador.  We believe that breaking generational patterns and paving the way to a brighter future is possible through education and community outreach.  Our full-time team members work with several short-term teams throughout the year who share our passion and vision to make positive impact and share God’s love.  Learn more… Cambiarte – INSPIRING DREAMS CREATING FUTURES

Haiti Missions Trip


About Maniche, Haiti

The Bridge Church is proud to be a sister-church to the Maniche Church led by Pastor Enoch.   Pastor Enoch has served in Maniche for over fifteen years. The Maniche School is one part of the church’s ministry which also includes active ministries for the men, women and youth of the church. Pastor Enoch is responsible for eight satellite churches in the Maniche District; Anadere, Dory, Charette, Lestage, Minet, Morency, Robert and Terre Rouge.

The town of Maniche is in the municipality of the same name, but you won’t find it on a map. It is located in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. The closest city is Les Cayes, a town and seaport on the Caribbean Sea, with a population of over 70,000 people. Les Cayes is at about 120 miles southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Maniche is located in the interior of the southern peninsula moving northeast from Les Cayes. The land is rugged, hilly or mountainous. It is approximately twenty miles from Les Cayes, but due to the driving conditions, it takes an hour by truck to make the trip to Maniche.

The majority of the 35,000 inhabitants of the Maniche municipality live in the hills and mountains that surround the town. Primarily, the people participate in small-scale marketing. They grow vegetables fruits, sugarcane, rice and corn for the local market.

Hope for Kidz in Maniche

Hope for Kidz – Reciprocal Ministries International (

About the Hopes for Kidz Program

In Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, the basic necessities that we take for granted, food, clothing and shelter are a daily struggle for the people.

All Haitian children, who are privileged enough to be able to attend school, must pay for their education. When simple survival is a constant battle for parents, their child’s education, regardless of the young person’s desire, can be beyond their means. As a result, many children are unable to attend school.

In 2010, the Hope for Kidz program was established at the Maniche School to provide more children the opportunity to receive an education. Now, three years later, there are over eighty children in the program and attending the Maniche School with the support of our generous sponsors.

The impact of the program reaches beyond the sponsored children. Hope for Kidz provides all 200 plus students in the school a hot meal every school day. For many of the children, it will be their only meal for the day.

To find out more about the Hope for Kidz program in Maniche, Haiti and how you can be a special friend to a needy child, please go to Hope for Kidz in Maniche, Haiti.

South Africa Trip

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Changing lives of those living in Extreme Situations

We will be leaving South Florida in October 2019 for Cape Town, South Africa for 10 days where they will partner with Extreme Response to minister to the people (in particular the children) of Masiphumelele and Ocean View Township. The team will be holding a Vacation Bible Club at God’s Little Lighthouse and the Dream Center and will be doing some work projects for GLL and the Dream Center.

Extreme Response serves in these areas:

  • Food/Nutrition Distribution
  • Orphan/Street Children Care
  • Leadership Training
  • Healthcare
  • Displaced People/Refugees
  • Education
  • Community Development
  • Short-Term Teams/Mobilization
  • Women’s Advocacy/Leadership
  • Human Trafficking Support
  • Drug Rehab and Cancer Survivor Support

Extreme Response works with valued partners who share their passion to care for those who are poor, abused, abandoned, malnourished or trafficked in South Africa. They are “Jesus with skin on” to these people, demonstrating the love of Christ and sharing the good news of salvation.

These are some of their partners:

African Hope Trust
Living Hope Community Center
Mosaic Life
New Beginnings

For more on these partners go to