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Thank you for your interest in opportunities here @ The Bridge Church!  We hope to see you soon!


This page is designed to keep you informed and provide resources that may be helpful to you during this time. Check back periodically as we will refresh this page as we receive updates and come across opportunities and links that may be valuable to you!

We miss you lots Bridge Family!



Sunday Service will be held via Live-Stream each Sunday @ 10:30 am.
We hope you will visit the other “Tabs” here on the Upcoming Events page to explore additional resources for preschool, kids, students, and adults!

Live-Stream Via Facebook: @gobridgechurch
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Activities and Fun Resources…

  • Free online family movie night movie: The Pilgrim’s Progress   –  “The Pilgrim’s Progress, religious allegory by the English writer John Bunyan, published in two parts in 1678 and 1684. The work is a symbolic vision of the good man’s pilgrimage through life.”  Click Here


  • Free online tv series resource for parents/guardians with preschoolers through elementary: Bridgestone Multimedia Group’s Encourage TV The Amazing Bible series – “Your children will delight in the exciting  seven adventures of Doc Dickory, Revver, and their ‘book mole’ friend, Dewey Decimole as they explore the fascinating world of the Bible. They’ll learn about its authors, its history, its books, its stories … why all of it is so important. They’ll sing upbeat catchy songs along with Doc, Revver, and Dewey, as they learn that this book … ‘is more than ink and paper, it’s more”… Click Here 


  • Fun Activity idea – Virtual Field trips. How about taking your family on an African safari, or the ancient pyramids, or many other fascinating places in the world?


Coronavirus Websites…

World Health Organization –

Center for Disease Control –

White House –

Florida Department of Health –

For continual community updates, check the following links:


Talking to Children…

4 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus by Josh Straub

How Do We Talk About Tragedy With Our Kids? by Jamie Ivey

2 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Child by Josh Straub


Food and Nutrition Services for Students & Families…

March 30th – April 15: Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) will continue to support students and their families through the coronavirus crisis by offering its grab-and-go meal service at 23 elementary schools, nine middle schools and 15 high schools throughout Broward County.

To view a list of the participating schools, click here

This page will be updated weekly so visit often to access valuable resources and keep your little ones connected during this time of “social distancing”. Please let them know how much Mrs. Jennifer misses them!

Dear Bridge Parents,

For the whole month of March, we talked to your little ones about who made them. By now they should be answering this simple but powerful truth with – God made me! Like building block, we want to build in their minds the idea that we are all wonderfully made by God.

On Week 1… the first block of the foundation we hoped to lay was that we are wonderfully made. God made each and every one of us and no two of us are the same.

Week 2… we added another block by teaching them that God made us in His image. Yes, that creativity, smartness, desire to help… we got it all from God. That’s what makes us wonderful.

By Week 3… our foundation is getting stronger as we talked about how important we are not because of what we do but because of Who made us. We explained what the word “important” means and why everyone is important to God.

Week 4… was a little different because we didn’t get a chance to meet in class. Prayerfully you received my email with the link to our lesson video where they got a chance to understand what it looks like to respect themselves.

Finally, in Week 5… they will get a chance to see what it looks like to respect others by using kind words, sharing, and being nice to each other because God made them too.


Click the link for this week’s video:


Little ones need to learn now that they are wonderfully made by God, in His image. This makes them very important and motivates them to respect themselves and others. Parents, children learn by repetition, so l encourage you to allow them to watch the lesson video multiple times and go over our memory verse in different ways.

We look forward to when we can meet again but in the meantime keep reminding your little ones that God loves them and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!

Jennifer Bergamini and your little ones team


These are the hand motions we use in class with your little ones. Hand motions help put a visual with the words we use. It will help them memorize the verse…

This page will be updated weekly so visit often to access valuable resources and keep your kids connected during this time of “social distancing”. Please know how much Mrs. Carol misses you!

Dear Parents,

Suddenly the internet is full of ideas and resources for homeschooling. I have weeded through some sites and discovered some that might be useful to you.

One of the most important things to do as a homeschooling parent is to have a schedule. Here is a great article that will help you set up your day and gives links to other resources:

Here is a resource for free audio books:

A plethora of web links for all kinds of resources:

Children are all created differently with different interests, likes and dislikes. Don’t try to fit them all into the same mold. Capitalize on their interests. It will make learning more fun for them, and your time at home much easier.

I’d love to get some feedback on what you are doing and what your kids enjoy. Feel free to send me ideas to pass along, as well as funny and inspirational stories.

God bless you and your family.

For His Kids,
Carol Swinson
Bridge Kids Ministry Director

Church Video for K - 3rd Grade

This is PART ONE in the RISE! Discovering Jesus Series from and Kids Church Online! This week the kids learn that Jesus is our Redeemer!

Download the Parent Discussion Guide for this lesson at


Church Video for 4th & 5th Grade

Click Here to View the Bible Plan…

Think About the Things You Think About

7 Days

Do you ever just wake up with a bad attitude? Or have emotional outbursts? Or nitpick every tiny flaw you think you have? Ugh. Not fun. But God doesn’t want us to live that way. This Bible Plan will help you learn truth from Philippians chapter 4. It will help you think about what you think about!

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We hope to connect with you soon!

Hey Parents and Students,

If you haven’t heard from me in a while I am so sorry. A part of me assumed that everyone is connected on social media. While I am realizing this is not true, our ministry has been forced to go completely web-based. Over the past couple of weeks I have been posting videos and creating opportunities for students to connect with me throughout the week through Instagram and social media outlets.

As a church we have decided to adhere to the federal and local government in following their many recommendations, but that doesn’t mean church stops. We are the church, not just a building. In taking advantage of all the mediums of communication through social media, we are able to bring church directly to you and your student.

Ignite Student Ministries @ the Bridge Church uses Instagram as the primary means of communication for our students, but we are in the process of launching other platforms.


We are in the process of creating a YouTube page for our students. This will give us an opportunity to stream our services to those that are not Instagram savvy and/or do not have an Instagram. We will still broadcast and post pre-recorded material on You Tube for your convenience , but we need your help. Please subscribe to our You Tube page and when we hit 100 subscribers it will give us the opportunity to have a direct page for our program (link below).

Social Media Links:

Zoom Log In- 9892306213


We hope you will stay connected with us through this time of “Social Distancing”.

Miss you like crazy… Experiencing “Student Withdraw”…

Pastor Barnabas

MEN’S ONLINE STUDY via ZOOM app & website for Meetings
Begins Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 6:50 pm
Must pre-register at the link below to view on your mobile device or computer

Good afternoon Men of Valor,

As we all are experiencing a shift in not just our lives, but the world today due to the COVID-19, this can be confusing times for many Christians. Traditional biblical values are not only rejected; it seems as if they’re attacked on every front. It’s all happened at warp speed, leaving many of us spiritually and culturally disoriented or even fearful, frustrated, and angry.

So this leaves us with two questions:
1. How can we spiritually survive in an increasingly spiritually hostile environment?
2. And is there any hope for the next generation?

We want to invite you to our 5 week Men’s LIFEgroup Bible study to learn about a man who was forced to live in a fast-changing and godless society. This man faced fears about the future, concern for his safety, and the discouragement of a world that seemed to be falling apart…. You may have guess who we are talking about…. some of you may be scratching your head right now thinking… who is this man… welp.. this man was Daniel, and with the power of hope, humility, and wisdom, he not only survived, but thrived.

We will learn how he did it, because the God of yesterday is still the same God today and though Daniel lived thousands of years ago, he has much to teach us today.
The series we will be studying is called “Thriving in Babylon” and we will be utilizing the Zoom website for the meeting. 

When: 5 consecutive Thursdays starting March 26, 2020 at 6:50 PM Eastern Time

You need to register in advance for this series:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link and information about joining the meeting. Each registrant will also receive the handouts for the series by email.

We ask that you please have a Bible or Bible App handy for each session.

Tavaris L. Williams
Men’s LIFEgroup

Leading Ladies Seminar Final Session via YouTube
Saturday, April 4, 2020 @ 9:00 am 

Bridge Women,  While we are super disappointed that we will not get to meet in person for our last session of “Live Unlocked”, we are excited to announce that Session 4 will be available to you via YouTube! We are planning to send you a email with a link to the video Session & the workbook on the morning of Saturday, April 4th when we were planning to meet.

Watch your email or visit the “Upcoming Events” page of our website to access the materials.

We will make the best of this situation and the Lord will still be Glorified as we continue to discover new ways of living life UNLOCKED!


About the Series…

Today’s Christian woman is so busy handling the challenges of day-to-day life that the everyday activities and roles can sometimes leave us exhausted and overwhelmed.  But those challenges can also be transformed into moments of growth and nourishment.

Leading ladies is designed to help women make everyday life fuller, richer and deeper.  The sessions will introduce you to spiritual practices that will enable every woman to focus on discovering the heart of God and offer tools to renew and reinvigorate every area of daily life.  God gives meaning to our lives, purpose to everything we do, and energy to thrive.

This Year’s Theme for Leading Ladies is… “Live Unlocked”

Life is meant to be lived with great purpose for each of us.   We are given keys to use to keep life unlocked, free, open and flowing with vitality and enthusiasm.   But life in this world gets messy.   Our locks sometimes get rusty, difficult to open and sometimes they need a little “locksmithing”.

Everyone’s keychain is customized to their life needs.

Live life unlocked daily…

  • … Change your view of the impact you can make
  • … Transform destructive cycles into a powerful legacy that will impact others
  • … Release the potential in yourself
  • … Don’t be undermined- change your thinking
  • … Re-imagine & commit to your life

Prayer Warriors… National Day of Prayer Task Force Prayer Room
Next Opportunity Thursday, April 2, 2020 @ 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT
Prayer Room Number:  712.432.0075  –  4961322#

There are several way to engage:

Join the prayer call the first Thursday of each month  – Click Here to see additional upcoming dates

Use this Phone Number to Join in prayer for the following…  712.432.0075   password:  496132

  • Daily Prayer call at 10:00 am or 10:00 pm
  • Prayer for Families on Saturdays at 10:00 am
  • Prayer for Churches on Sundays at 10:00 am

Click Here to find prayer guides and additional resources on the National Day of Prayer website.

Click Here to Follow their Facebook page.

Date: Thursday, July 2 – Wednesday, July 8
Registration Fee: $60.00
Total Cost of Camp is: $320…
includes camp, lodging, all meals, transportation, and tubing.

We are going back to FUGE Camp in Ridgecrest, NC this summer. We will be creating a payment plan, but you can secure your spot by paying the $60.00 Registration Fee. Spots will be limited. First come, first serve.

Click here to learn more about Fuge Camps.


2020 Theme…

The 2020 theme is Dwell and will focus on Psalm 46. Click Here for the full Bible Study Overview.

The relationship between God and man was broken by our sin but has been restored through Christ. Because of this, we can draw near to God, enjoy fellowship and relationship with Him and experience His ultimate peace and rest. In our culture, we have so many things grabbing our attention such as our phones, devices, social media and social expectations. Along with the pressures of school and other activities, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, drained and feeling empty.

Join us for FUGE Camps 2020 as we discover how to dwell with God, rest in His presence, push past distractions and focus on His peace. Spending time with the Lord changes everything!


No one can do Everything… but Everyone can do Something!  Not everyone is meant to Foster or Adopt children, but everyone can do something… bring a meal to a foster family… provide some needed supplies to a foster/adoptive home… become a respite parent… volunteer at a children’s home like His House… and everyone can pray for children to be placed in a loving home!

FosterLIFE is going to be a wellness group that comes alongside foster and adoptive families and children to provide connection, community and support… we want them to know they are not alone in this journey.  If you are interested in being part of the solution, please click on the button below to get involved.

Thank you in advance!



Thank you so much for your contribution to The Bridge Church International Missions Efforts. Without you, these trips would not be possible. Please know that by giving, you become part of our Team.

Ecuador…  South Africa…  Haiti…   Trinidad…

Some Pray… Some Give… Some Go… We are all an intricate part of The Bridge!

Please continue to pray for our teams as we continue go where the Lord leads!

“Whatever It Takes!”


Raising Support… $

Each team member is responsible to raise their own support for the cost of the trip which includes: airfare; transportation; lodging and food. We also hold some fund raisers to raise money for the team project.
You can be a part of our team by:

  1. Praying for us as we travel and minister to God’s people across the Globe.
  2. Giving a monetary gift of any amount will help us reach our Goal. By Clicking on the Button below, you can give to an individual team member or to the general fund of the trip you wish to support.

These trips are life changing events for individuals… the team… and the people we serve.

Whatever gift you are able to give will be greatly appreciated!

Good News Club for Elementary Students of Somerset Academy 1st – 5th Grade

Begins Thursday, October 3, 2019 after school in Adventure Zone

Good News Club is where your children will learn about the love of God and just how special they are to Him. It is run by volunteers who love kids and are carefully screened and trained. Parental permission is a must. We cannot accept any children who have not been signed up by a parent/guardian.

Hope you will join us!


1st – 2nd grade
After school – 4:00 pm
Meet in Adventure Zone… Pick up from Living Room
(Living Room Entrance is by the playground.)


3rd – 5th grade
After school – 4:30 pm
in Adventure Zone next to the school office.

Hurricane Season Pre-Storm Helps

To assist with hurricane preparations:


Hurricane Season Post-Storm Helps

To assist with post hurricane issues:

As Floridians continue the process of digging out from the storm, I want to share with you some tips and resources for Hurricane Irma Recovery.


Resident Assistance: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has added Broward County to the list of counties eligible for individual assistance. That means homeowners with damage that is documented can apply for funding from FEMA. 

  • Register at for information and services from the government on the aid that may be available to you, including transitional sheltering assistance.
  • Residents without internet access can use the computers at Broward County libraries to register for FEMA Individual Assistance. 
  • You can also contact FEMA’s Helpline (800) 621-3362 (voice, 711/VRS-Video Relay Service) (TTY: (800) 462-7585).
  • Your local Red Cross chapter can also help you with food, shelter, and personal goods.
  • You can also find assistance through United Way.



  • Check with your insurance agent before hiring anyone to work on your property.
  • Make sure you have the right kind of coverage to file a claim related to storm damage.
  • Be sure to take pictures of the damage to your property before cleaning it up.
  • To check on your policy through the National Flood Insurance Program, contact your insurance agent. You can also call 1-800-621-FEMA and select “option 2” learn more and be directed to the right place to file your claim.



  • Keep any eye for people who may try to be using this unstable time as a way to swindle unsuspecting victims.
  • Con artists asking for up-front payments, offering suspiciously large discounts, or claiming to be government agents are all commonplace after a storm like Irma.
  • Be wary of phone calls from entities claiming to be charities. Real charities do not usually ask for donations over the phone or have names that sound like governmental departments.
  • Do not give your money or personal information out over the phone.
  • If someone is pressuring you with a “limited time offer” chances are it is a scam. Always check out offers with a trusted advisor such as an attorney before agreeing to terms with anyone.


Other Important Tips:

  • Touch base with your mortgage lender. Just because your home was damaged does not mean you can skip a payment. However, your mortgage lender might work with you to pause payments given the situation. If you do not know who holds your mortgage, check the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems or call 888-679-6377.


  • You also still must pay your credit card bills. If you do not think you will be able to do so, contact your credit card company before the next payment comes due.


  • If your home is currently uninhabitable, contact your power company and ask that your service be suspended. This will save you money while you sort out your situation.


  • Veterans who need help with shelter or their medications can call 1-800-507-4571 to speak with someone at the VA. Veterans can also check the VA website specifically dedicated to Hurricane Irma for more information.